Transport Law w Kancelarii Jedliński, Bierecki i Wspólnicy

The Law Firm provides comprehensive services and legal consulting with respect to transport of goods and persons as well as forwarding in a broad sense. We have extensive experience in rendering legal services, gained through our long-term cooperation with haulage and forwarding businesses. Our lawyers are highly qualified experts who have thorough knowledge, including within the achievements of legal doctrine, judicature and regulations of domestic, European and international laws that govern transport and forwarding. Based on our experience, we are ready to face every problem that stems from haulage and forwarding operations.

The scope of this specialization includes, but not limited to:

  • on-going legal consulting for forwarders,
  • issuing opinions on and drawing up transport contracts,
  • formulating regulations for transport services,
  • handling court disputes for payment and damages due to losses suffered in transport,
  • legal services in acquisition of companies from the transport sector,
  • assistance in obtaining necessary certificates, permits and approvals required for transport and shipping operations,
  • legal support in civil and public tenders, and
  • representing Clients during control proceedings carried out by authorities concerned (including ITD – Road Transport Inspectorate) as well as before common and administrative courts.

We offer legal assistance from the selection of the form of business by establishing a transport or shipping enterprise to obtaining required certificates, permits and approvals. We can also suggest what an entrepreneur has to focus on in his business so that it complies with requirements set forth in transport, haulage and shipping laws. We assist in civil and public tenders. We represent our Clients in proceedings before common and administrative courts and public authorities. We can endorse contracts and assist in their formulation to protect best interests of our Clients. Moreover, we offer comprehensive legal services for firms, helping them in other areas of their operations as well.

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