Protection of personal rights w Kancelarii Jedliński, Bierecki i Wspólnicy

Jedliński Bierecki and Partners Law Firm provides comprehensive legal services in cases of infringement of personal rights. In times of technological progress, and in particular the dynamic development of social media, the protection of values such as reputation, privacy and image is increasingly the subject of numerous court and out-of-court disputes. The legal counselling services provided by the Firm concern both natural persons and legal entities, for which the issue of protecting the reputation of their businesses is particularly important.

The scope of services provided by the Law Firm in this area includes in particular:

  • development of a procedural strategy and representation of Clients, including companies and members of their bodies in court proceedings for infringement of personal rights, as well as claims under press law,
  • negotiation on the wording of settlements concerning violations of personal rights, such as the image and the right to privacy,
  • counselling in mediation proceedings concerning claims arising from violations of personal rights,
  • legal analysis of press and TV materials as well as content posted in the Internet space for violation of personal rights,
  • preparing and giving an opinion on contracts and other documents from the perspective of the regulations governing the protection of personal rights.

Jedliński Bierecki and Partners Law Firm has acquired extensive experience in conducting disputes in the aforementioned area, representing, among others, members of the bodies of companies operating on the media market, including presidents of television companies, as well as city mayors.   

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