GDPR w Kancelarii Jedliński, Bierecki i Wspólnicy

Our Law Firm provides comprehensive legal aid in personal data protection, dedicated both to private and public sectors.

The team of our Law Firm offers consulting about the selection of an optimum method and technical measures of personal data processing in an enterprise as well as the compliance of conducting this process. Considering the long-term and sustainable development of our clients, we take into account amendments adopted in community law that will soon come into effect in the Polish legal order, resulting, among other, in the major extension of financial liabilities of entrepreneurs for violations in the area of personal data processing and modifications in the way and scope of reporting violations and threats to personal data protection.

When analysing documents used in an enterprise of our clients and procedures in personal data protection, we indicate solutions that make it possible to eliminate any present hazards. Lawyers of our Law Firm provide assistance in preparing documentation necessary in data processing, taking into account specific requirements of rendering e-services, including but not limited to a security policy, system management manuals, cookies policies and subcontracts on personal data processing. We provide support in the procedure of registering personal data collections before the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection and represent our clients in the course of inspections.

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