Intellectual property (IP) w Kancelarii Jedliński, Bierecki i Wspólnicy

Trademarks, inventions and copyrights are often key assets of a company or creator. The success of business operations depends largely on the correct application and protection of these rights against unauthorized use and unauthorized access. On the other hand, in M&A transactions and divisions, identifying the entities that are entitled to individual intellectual property rights and determining their value have a significant impact on the valuation of the subject of the transaction.

Advantages of professional lawyers' advice in providing legal assistance in the field of intellectual property law

Our lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience in the field of legal assistance in the field of intellectual property law, which allows them to provide comprehensive legal services to entrepreneurs, in particular from the media and gaming industry, advertising agencies, creators and artists-contractors.

The team of lawyers provides legal support in negotiating and drawing up or giving opinions on contracts covering the transfer of copyright and related rights, intellectual property rights and granting consent to use a work (license contract), in the field of property and personal copyrights trading. We also offer comprehensive services in the field of intellectual property rights, including industrial property rights, when conducting due diligence analyzes for the needs of planned transactions.

We represent our clients in negotiations and court disputes regarding, inter alia, protection of copyright and remuneration and protection of the author's personal rights. The Law Firm also deals with disputes in relations with organizations for collective management of copyright and related rights. We provide consulting services for IT and eCommerce companies in the field of their day-to-day operations.

As part of the legal assistance provided, we also ensure the protection of personal rights by taking actions aimed at removing violations consisting, inter alia, in in pre-trial contact with an entity infringing personal rights, as well as in an investigation before a court for the protection of personal rights and due compensation for infringements.

The Law Firm cooperates with patent attorneys who provide support in the registration of trademarks, industrial designs and patents, both before the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland and offices offering international protection.

Our lawyers offer legal assistance in the form of providing individual advice, developing individual projects as well as comprehensive day-to-day services for entities operating in the field of copyright, related rights or industrial property. We also conduct training in the field of intellectual property law and personal data protection.

Protection of intellectual property and new technologies - support for startups

We are aware of how important an issue in the process of developing and implementing innovations is to ensure the optimal form of business and legal protection of the newly created intellectual property.

For clients from the new technologies industry, we provide services of legal optimization of the conducted activity, analysis of legal risks related to the methods of commercialization of the developed innovation preferred by the client. We also provide legal support in the course of concluding and performing contracts with investors and contracts ensuring the maintenance of systems necessary for the proper functioning of the enterprise (software license agreements and SLA agreements).

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