Compensations w Kancelarii Jedliński, Bierecki i Wspólnicy

  • Pre-court and court settlements of claims for insurers

The Law Firm has rich experience in serving the process of claim settlement for insurers, both at a pre-court stage and in courts.

Owing to our active involvement in claim settlement procedures for years, we have gained wide experience in this process; therefore, we understand very well the reasons behind positions taken by insurers.

  • Seeking compensations

Our Law Firm handles cases aimed at obtaining compensations for casualties of various acts of god. We have been successful in representing our clients both in pre-court procedures and in court, demanding successfully compensations due to traffic, medical, agricultural and tourist claims as well as caused by other adverse events.

  • Handling recourse cases

The Law Firm is also active in legal services for insurers in recourse cases, both during pre-court and court procedures.

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