Forest Management w Kancelarii Jedliński, Bierecki i Wspólnicy

Our Law Firm provides legal consulting services for Regional State Forest Departments, Forest Districts, hunters, hunting clubs and their authorities as well as persons harmed by game with regard to farming and agricultural produce.

Our solicitors and counsels at law represent hunters in disciplinary proceedings before the disciplinary officer as well as in hunting courts and in penal proceedings in common courts.

This specialization includes in particular:

  • ongoing and comprehensive legal services for organizational units of State Forests;
  • representation in claims for damages due to harm caused by game to farming and agricultural products as well as in the course of hunting,
  • representation and defence in matters relating to hunting crimes and offences,
  • revoking resolutions of hunting clubs and authorities of the Polish Hunting Association (PZŁ),
  • preparing applications for lease of hunting districts,
  • drawing up applications for candidates to the Polish Hunting Association,
  • representing clients in matters that concern revoking permits for hunting firearms, and
  • excluding land from forest production.

In addition, the Team of the Law Firm may provide ongoing and comprehensive legal services for hunting clubs, legal assistance related to convening and conducting General Meetings, and audits of resolutions applicable in hunting clubs in terms of their legality.

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