Criminal law w Kancelarii Jedliński, Bierecki i Wspólnicy

The Law Firm has extensive experience in conducting criminal cases.

The scope of legal assistance provided in criminal matters includes, inter alia:

  • defence in preparatory proceedings and in court proceedings in all instances,
  • representing victims of crime as an attorney for the victim, auxiliary prosecutor, subsidiary prosecutor,
  • preparation of reports of committing a crime,
  • consultations and legal opinions on the criminal law liability of entities and the criminal law consequences of economic decisions (criminal economic law),
  • conducting cases in the field of executive criminal law, conducting cases for postponement of the execution of the sentence, conditional early release, electronic supervision,
  • conducting cases in the field of road traffic offences, in particular concerning driving while intoxicated.

Attorneys and legal advisors of the law firm also provide legal assistance in cases of economic crimes, crimes against the circulation of money and securities and the so-called white collar crime. Our lawyers also act as defenders of board members and liquidators of companies and cooperatives.

The lawyers of our legal office also represent the aggrieved parties in cases of defamation.


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