Cooperative law w Kancelarii Jedliński, Bierecki i Wspólnicy

The Law Firm specializes in rendering legal services for cooperatives, thus safeguarding the heritage of prof. Adam Jedliński, one of the most prominent scientists and practitioners in cooperative law. Experts in cooperative law, dr Martyna Jedlińska and dr Dominik Bierecki, provide legal services that involve the preparation of legal opinions aimed at using theses they have developed in disputes based on membership relationships in cooperatives and cooperative authorities as well as the relationships between cooperatives and public administration authorities.

Moreover, experts of our Law Firm in cooperative law provide legal aid in:

  • establishing cooperatives and drawing up or amending their statutes,
  • serving authorities of cooperatives (members’ annual general meetings or meetings of representatives, management board, supervisory board or member groups) and attending their meetings,
  • representing cooperatives or their members in court proceedings related to complaints against resolutions of cooperative authorities,
  • legal representation in disputes between cooperatives and members of their management board or supervisory board,
  • representing cooperatives in proceedings before public administration authorities, and
  • liquidation and bankruptcy of cooperatives.

Experts of the Law Firm in cooperative law have experience in providing legal services to different types of cooperatives: housing cooperatives, credit unions, cooperative banks, working cooperatives, social cooperatives, farming cooperatives and power cooperatives.

Moreover, the team of the Law Firm shares its unique experience in cross-border cooperative services and on the basis of foreign legislation.

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