prof. dr hab. Dominik Bierecki - Attorney at law

prof. dr hab. Dominik Bierecki

Attorney at law

Managing Partner

Dominik Bierecki, professor of law and attorney at law, graduated in law at the Faculty of Law and Administration, College of Administration and Business in Gdynia, in 2013. His master’s thesis entitled ‘Membership in Credit Unions’ was rewarded by the College and next published. In 2016, he graduated from a post-graduate course in commercial law companies from a legal and economic perspective at the College of Management and Finance, Warsaw School of Economics. In 2017, he defended with distinction his doctoral thesis entitled ‘European Cooperative in the Light of Polish Law’ at the Faculty of Law and Administration, Warmia and Mazury University in Olsztyn, receiving the title of doctor of law. In 2022, at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, he obtained the degree of doctor habilitated in legal sciences based on the habilitation dissertation entitled "The Principle of Freedom of Contracts in Cooperative Law". He is a member of the Pomeranian Bar in Gdańsk and a professor at the Pomeranian University in Słupsk. 

Professor Dominik Bierecki specializes in private law, commercial law and cooperative law. His practice includes M&A, real estate transactions and development projects, legal consulting in the field of corporate governance as well as the activities of commercial companies and cooperatives on financial markets. He has extensive experience in advising clients from Poland, USA, Germany and Austria, including clients from the American and Austrian banking sector. In addition to his legal practice, he is involved in business life by serving in supervisory boards of cooperatives and commercial companies, including those with the capital of the State Treasury and local goverments, operating in the financial, fuel, construction and marketing and advertising sectors. The experience he gains in this manner is enriched with his scientific work and by working in editor’s offices and scientific councils of legal and economic magazines, lecturing at domestic and international scientific conferences and publishing articles and books in his specialization. His university practice as a lecturer has enabled him to understand better the challenges and problems faced by those who have to apply legal structures in practice. His knowledge and experience have been used, among other, by the International Cooperative Alliance, the International Labour Organization and the World Council of Credit Unions, which regularly use his expert services, as well as by the World Bank.